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QLD 2004 : Questionnaire

On Line Opinion and Springboard Australia, are investigating the attitudes of Queenslanders to the candidates for government in 2004.

Your answers will assist in this research and, if you chose to, you may be selected to participate in a unique online focus group to further explore your attitudes and views.

If you have friends who you think might like to participate, please click here to generate an email with a link to which is a site where you can always access our latest questionnaire.

P.S. Some of our regulars query why we ask the some of the same questions each time. Our FAQ has the answers.

Note: This poll is now closed. Do not fill it in!

1. Thinking about the next Queensland state election, if an election were held tomorrow what party would receive your first preference vote? 

2. Thinking again about your first preference vote, how likely is it that you might change your intention before the election and vote for another party? 

3. In general how would you describe your usual first preference vote in state elections. Do you usually vote:

4. In Queensland elections you have the option of casting a preference vote. In allocating your preference would you ultimately prefer the Coalition or Labor? If you do not intend to preference anyone please indicate that as well. 

5. How would you rate the performance of Premier Peter Beattie? 

6. How would you rate the performance of Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg? 

7. How would you rate the performance of Liberal Party Leader Bob Quinn? 

8. Thinking about this coming Queensland state election, what is the issue that is most likely to influence your vote?

9. What would make you hesitate before voting for Peter Beattie and his Government? [No more than 256 characters please]

10. What would make you hesitate before voting for an Coalition team headed by Lawrence Springborg? [No more than 256 characters please]

11. To ensure that this poll is as accurate as possible we need to ask you a few demographic questions. The answer to these questions will be completely confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than this research project.

Your Name: 



Residential Postcode: 

E-mail address: 
(Only required to confirm that details are correct and are yours)

Are you prepared to be involved in follow-up research? 
(If you answer "Yes" to this question we may send you further occasional questionnaires).

Thanks for your involvement.  Results will be e-mailed to you after the close of this poll on Friday at 9 a.m. Please bookmark this page and make sure you return next week. To read On Line Opinion and find out more about our organisation, click here.

I understand that all information I supply in response to this questionnaire will be kept in the strictest confidence, in accordance with On Line Opinion's privacy statement.


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