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Electoral Pendulum

The 89 seats are ranked according to their support for the ALP at the 2001 election. In the 25 seats marked * a notional two-party preferred vote has been constructed in the absence of a traditional Labor vs National/Liberal contest. In determining the notional party preferred vote in these seats preferences for significant minor party candidates have been distributed in accordance with state-wide averages. This pendulum should be read in conjunction with the detailed seat results.

The following changes from the 2001 results should be noted:

  • Surfers Paradise is now held by an Independent, Lex Bell, not the National Party;
  • the Independent member for Darling Downs, Ray Hopper, switched to the National Party in 2001;
  • the member for Gympie, Elisa Roberts, resigned from One Nation in 2002 and now sits as an Independent;
  • the Independent member for Maryborough was replaced by another Independent, Chris Foley, in 2003.

Despite these changes the National/Liberal Opposition requires an additional 30 seats to govern in its own right. The ALP Government will lose its majority if it loses 22 seats.


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