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Tell the candidates what is important to you this election. Click here to fill in our confidential questionnaire. On Line Opinion in collaboration with Griffith and Queensland Unis is conducting qualitative research into voters' attitudes. The results are analysed and publicised as well as emailed directly to candidates. It's a good way to make sure they are paying attention.

Candidate Central

Want candidate or seat information quickly? Our Seats and Candidates pages hold a comprehensive list of links to the most up-to-date and authoritative information supplied by the Electoral Commission and the politicians themselves.

Voter Cam

Most media cover elections by asking politicians and "experts" what is happening. Our expert analysts don't. They ask the people that actually matter - voters. Yes, that's you. To join our email list and make your voice heard please fill in our registration form by clicking here. If you have friends who you think might like to participate, please click here to send them an email. Click here for Voter Cam.


Check back to this page for daily update analysis of polls, focus groups and what the politicians are saying. All of our analysis will be archived on our blog Currumbin2Cook.


This site is a collaboration between National Forum, publisher of On Line Opinion and Professor John Wanna of Griffith University. It will also feature analysis pieces by a variety of contributors including John Wanna, Tim Grau, David Fraser and Graham Young. Our intern Felket Kahsay, from the University of Queensland has also been very helpful.

Right from the very beginning

Most commentators analyse the past. By using online qualitative polling we try to analyse the future.

In our blog Currumbin2Cook in our second post three days after the election announcement we said: "the result will be closer to status quo than many think," and "[g]reens and Independents have the potential to be the protest vote phenomenon of this election".

Apart from missing the fact that One Nation would have a vote almost as large as the Greens, those comments, three weeks before election day summed up the eventual result.

To read more of our analysis visit Currumbin2Cook, and to view the evidence go to our Focus Group Analysis page.

David Fraser Pendulum

While the electoral commission attempts to create all seats equal in size, not all seats are equal in importance. The electoral pendulum ranks seats in order of security. Did you know that before the election the most marginal government seat was Noosa and that whoever holds government will probably also hold Springwood? To view the pendulum click here.

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